Band (EN)

BELTAINE – one of the most interesting world music group from Poland.
Its distinctive sound is the result of completely different members’ personalities and musical experiences meeting together. They are mainly inspired by broadly defined traditional music (world/celtic), but it just makes them follow their own path. They experiment and
blur the boundaries between traditional folk music and contemporary one. BELTAINE has personalized its music giving it a fresh, original, catchy texture.

Beltaine was brought to life in 2002 in Katowice and it shaped up into a group of seven musicians. Its discography consists of four studio and two live albums. The live album was the result of the tour featuring the German harpist Jochen Vogel.. Each of the studio albums have achieved the title of The Best Folk Album of the Year in the Wirtualne Gesle voting, coorganized by Polish Radio S.A.

Since the very beginning Beltaine’ s concerts offered an exciting, vibrant, uplifting sound that has the audience enthralled all over the world. They’ve been touring Mexico, Malaysia, the USA, Canada; they regularly perform at the most important festivals in Europe.

BELTAINE performed in many festivals, some of them:

  • Shetland Folk Festival (Shetland Islands)
  • Ollin Kan Festival (Mexico)
  • Rainforest World Music Festival (Malaysia)
  • Montreal Tall Ships Races (Canada)
  • Ethno-jazz Festival (Moldova)
  • Pittsburgh Irish Festival (USA)
  • Suglegos Festival (Lithuania)
  • Tom de Festa (Portugal)
  • Sendim Festival (Portugal)
  • Paimpol Festival (France)
  • Sauga Folk Festival (Spain)
  • Festival Interceltico de Sendim (Portugal)
  • FolkCelta Festival (Portugal)
  • Pozoblanco festival (Spain)
  • Festival Pardinas (Spain)
  • Catalunya Celta Festival (Spain)
  • Celtie d’Oc (France)
  • Patrimoine Vivant Festival (France)
  • Ragusa Festival (Sicilia)
  • Festival des Musiques d’Ici et d’Ailleurs (France)
  • Festival Irmandino de Moeche (Spain)
  • Guinness Irish Festival (Switzerland)
  • Celtica Festival (Italy)
  • Celtivales (France)
  • Triskell Festival (Italy)
  • Bustofolk Festival (Italy)
  • Festival Beltine (Czech Republic)
  • Przystanek Woodstock (Poland)


The Band:

    • Adam Romanski – fiddle
    • Lukasz Kulesza – acoustic guitar
    • Bartlomiej Dudek – bass guitar
    • Jan Kubek – tabla, cajon, djembe
    • Jan Galczewski – irish bouzouki, electric guitar, galician bagpipes, bodhran
    • Pierre – drums



  • Rockhill (2004)
  • KONCENtRAD (2007)
  • Triu (2010)
  • Live (2011)
  • Miusjik (2015)
  • Live’15 (2016)